The complete value chain:

Development of a global multibrand platform.

With up to 50 own brands.

120 new brands worldwide

Experienced designers create our brands. In our own production facilities, sustainable premium fashion is created through Italian craftsmanship and is sold worldwide.

From 0 to 100

We create a whole new universe and you can be part of it. The link between online and offline is being rethought and implemented.

Business intelligence

Data, data and more data enables us to make the right decisions based on the latest technology. It allows us to plan our sales optimally and act efficiently.

Value Chain

We work in a closed circle from A to Z. From procurement to production and logistics to sales, everything is in the hands of BAX. So we always have a close eye on everything and can act quickly.

Variable platform

Our backend is a scalable modular system that enables us to put together modules for a number of platforms. The sky is the limit!

Best practice

We work according to the best prectice principle when designing our brands. This means that we work with experts to design from scratch what others have to laboriously improve and are therefore always up to date.