About us

We build the base.
We are a start-up and a company builder at the same time. We build our world ourselves, from scratch and we want it to work perfectly. We develop kits, work with total transparency and process chains. We do it with full passion. Because our mastermind is also our investor. 

Our competencies

In order to implement our fashion and lifestyle projects well and successfully, we need all components of the value chain. BAX Digital, BAX Fashion and Xavier form the best competencies in our BAX universe. We use the expertise of the specialized BAX companies to create synergies and to establish our projects in a targeted manner. 

The fashion
The shop
Business intelligence
Wow -effect

Our team

We meet at eye level. Every voice counts. We always think ahead and are solution-oriented. We have our goal in mind. All of us. Together.

Our values and Visions

As a team, where everyone brings their own expertise and can fully exhaust and develop it without restrictions, we want to bring the first BAX webshop to life and fill it with great products.